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WordPress Web Design and Development Services

At App Web Experts, we have a team of the best WordPress developers in the USA. We have already helped many businesses create the best websites with our custom WordPress development services. As a leading WordPress design and development company, we can create a custom WordPress website for your business, too.

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Website Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

WordPress Web Development Services

App Web Experts with its best WordPress developers proudly offers affordable WordPress solutions to SMBs (Small to Medium-Sized) businesses. We specialize in developing custom WordPress sites that are responsive and mobile-friendly at the same time.

Choosing our WordPress website development services means you are developing a WordPress site with the best performance. Looking to capture more leads and sales with your WordPress site? Look at none other than App Web Experts.



Custom WordPress Developer

Developing secure and high-quality WordPress sites is our specialty. Taking into account every requirement of our clients, our developers develop WordPress sites bespoke to the needs of businesses. Sticking to an innovative approach, we develop custom WordPress sites.



High-Performance & Secure Sites

Our professional team of WordPress developers makes sure our clients’ WordPress sites fulfil these requirements. With multi-level code audits, our developers create secure and high-performance WordPress websites.



Content Migration

Irrespective of the position where your content (data) is, we can import it on your WordPress website. Whether your content is in MySQL or anywhere else, we can effortlessly migrate it to your WordPress site.



WordPress Web Development & Support

Besides developing the best WordPress sites, we also provide our clients with ongoing support for their sites. Put differently, we make sure our clients’ websites are up to date.

Experts in Handling WordPress Web Development Projects

Seeking a leading WordPress agency in the USA for your WordPress web development project? If you are, you can confidently contact our professional team of WordPress developers. We offer online WordPress solutions bespoke to the needs of businesses without letting them break the bank.

Why Choose Our WordPress Design and Development Company?

Our team of WordPress designers and developers is well-versed in the best practices to create one-of-a-kind WordPress sites for businesses. Besides, our interest in WordPress as a WordPress design and development company goes far beyond our jobs.

We specialize in developing custom WordPress websites for our clients right from scratch. In addition, we provide our clients with supporting services, too, such as WordPress SEO. First and foremost, we design WordPress sites that drive leads, sales, and eventually revenue for businesses.

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Prominent Industries We Serve:

    • Healthcare
    • Fintech
    • Real Estate
    • Education
    • Logistics
    • Automotive
    • Ecommerce

Why Your Business Should Use WordPress Web Design

WordPress Company in the USA Offering Website Audit

Do you have a WordPress website that you want to improve? App Web Experts have the right people to help you accomplish that. With our best WordPress developers in the USA, we offer businesses a website audit service.

A WordPress website audit from our team of developers helps businesses identify the issues with their sites. We provide our WordPress audit clients with the guidance to improve their websites. Moreover, we prioritize recommendations to plan the best approach concerning the site audit.

Every WordPress audit we perform is tailored to the needs of our clients. Here is a summary of how we perform an audit for WordPress websites to improve their performance:

  • Assessment of Core Website Essentials
  • Security Checks
  • WordPress Version Checks
  • Accessibility Analysis of Sites
  • Analyzing the Page Speed and Website Performance

When Your WordPress Site Requires an Audit?

It is important to be aware of when your WordPress website requires an audit. No worries if you do not have any clue about them! There are a few indicators that can tell your site needs and audit.

Slow loading speed of the site, high bounce rate, and low search engine rankings are some warning signs that tell your website needs an audit. Have you noticed any of the aforementioned signs while using your website? If you have, it means your website requires attention and a comprehensive audit.

At App Web Experts, we have experts to perform a comprehensive audit of WordPress sites. Plus, they know how to take the best action to improve the performance of WordPress sites.

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Wide Range of End-to-End WooCommerce Development Services

Tailored Solutions

Our developers of WordPress work closely with clients to understand their requirements to develop WooCommerce stores accordingly.

User-friendly Store

With our comprehensive WooCommerce development services, we empower businesses with user-friendly WooCommerce store management.

Secure and Scalable

We prioritize security and scalability while developing WooCommerce stores for our clients to ensure they are secure plus scalable.

Seamless Integration

Our expert WooCommerce developers seamlessly integrate & customize WooCommerce stores with payment gateways, shipping providers, etc.


Our Success Stories – Client Testimonials

Our team of WordPress designers and developers has successfully completed many WordPress projects to date. Our past customer reviews also speak of the quality of service we have provided them. Here are a few of our success stories that speak of our top-notch WordPress design and development services:

Why AppWebExperts.com

What Sets App Web Experts Apart from Others for WordPress Design and Development?

Custom WordPress Web Services

We arrange a meeting with our clients prior to working on a WordPress web development project. Knowing the clients’ requirements beforehand, we develop custom WordPress websites.

WordPress CMS Development Services

We integrate the WordPress sites of our clients with a powerful CMS (Content Management system). It allows our clients to effectively manage content on their sites.

WordPress Site Maintenance and Security

We also provide our clients with site maintenance and security services. It ensures the sites of our clients are up-to-date and secure.

Mobile-friendly Website & a Responsive Web Design

We create a WordPress site with a mobile-first approach. It ensures that the website we develop runs well on smartphones and is responsive at the same time.

Our Six-Step WordPress Website Development Process

Here is the six-step process our developers of WordPress go through to create WordPress sites for our clients:

Step 1: Review the Clients’ Requirements and Goals.

First, our team of WordPress developers reviews clients’ requirements for their WordPress development projects and goals.

  • Client’s Requirements
  • Goals (Vision)

Responsible Responsive Design

As a leading WordPress design and development company, we specialize in responsible responsive design for WordPress sites. Put differently, we develop responsive WordPress websites that run well on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.


The Best Team of WordPress Designers and Developers

At App Web Experts, we have the best team of WordPress designers and developers who offer comprehensive WordPress solutions. We understand the right blueprint is the key to success when it comes to WordPress design and development projects. Therefore, our WordPress company in the USA leads the way and develops unmatched WordPress websites for our clients.

The cutting-edge WordPress websites we craft for our clients are mobile-friendly and responsive. We capitalize on end-to-end WordPress opportunities to create one-of-a-kind WordPress websites for businesses.

Our comprehensive WordPress development services take care of everything for our clients. Ranging from strategy to planning and design & development, in addition to content migration, API integration, scalability, and so on. We are proud of ourselves for being the best in the business when it comes to WordPress design and development.

Choosing App Web Experts for your WordPress web development project means you are choosing the best. We specialize in developing WordPress websites that are fast, safe, and secure. By the same token, our WordPress designers and developers are the best at what they do.

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Benefits of Working with App Web Experts for WordPress Projects

We make sure our clients have the best experience working with us. By the same token, we provide our clients with the best WordPress design and development services.


Vast Experience

Our WordPress design and development team has vast experience; thus, they create WordPress websites that stand out from the rest.


Access to Supporting Services

We also offer support services, such as SEO, content marketing, and more, to ensure our clients get the most out of their WordPress websites.


Dedicated Support & Maintenance

Besides developing unmatched WordPress websites, we provide our clients with dedicated support for the maintenance of their sites.


Affordable WordPress and Ecommerce Solutions

WordPress and the ecommerce solutions we offer to businesses are affordable yet very effective at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, WordPress is a web software that allows developers to create WordPress websites and easily manage their content. It means WordPress web development entails building WordPress websites with an integrated CMS (Content Management System).

The main challenge that developers of WordPress face is its vulnerability to hackers and spammers. Developers face such a challenge because of the popularity of WordPress. By the same token, it is important that you keep your WordPress site up-to-date to ensure it remains secure.

Our professional team of WordPress developers alongside others use PHP to create interactive and dynamic WordPress websites. Besides, PHP is a programming and scripting language.

Developers of WordPress code within the WordPress platform specifically. Contrarily, web developers are a general term for developers who code websites. Not to mention, local and outsourced WordPress developers handle WordPress website back-end and front-end coding.

WordPress web development projects can cost businesses from $100 to $500 to $3000 to $30000 and even more. It all depends on the type of WordPress website the business wants to create.

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