Shopify Fees and Pricing:

How Much Does It Cost in USA?

Shopify Fees and Pricing: How Much Does It Cost in USA?

Shopify is an established competitor in the competitive e-commerce market since it provides a solid foundation for companies to launch their websites. It's no wonder that Shopify has become the platform of choice for aspiring business owners by giving its intuitive design and extensive set of tools. However, as with any business, an understanding of the financial aspects is essential. In this blog, we'll unravel the intricacies of Shopify's fees and pricing structure in the USA, ensuring that you're well-equipped to make informed decisions for your online store.

Know About the Basics Shopify's Plans

The financial impact is the driving force behind all business decisions. It's important to understand the Shopify pricing structure before getting started. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of it.

Basic Plan:

This plan serves as a starting point for those dipping their fingers into e-commerce. The cost of the Basic Shopify plan is $25 per month, and it includes everything you need to launch a fully functional e-commerce site. You can sell an unlimited amount of products on your own website, which comes with a blog, an SSL security certificate, two employee logins, and more. The essentials are covered, but it's important to remember that some deluxe add-ons might be out of reach at this cost.

Shopify Plan:

The cost of Shopify plan is $65/month and provides additional features beyond those of the Shopify Basic plan. This plan includes everything in the Basic plan plus five employee accounts, detailed reporting, gift cards, and empty cart recovery. It's worth it for expanding firms to pay more for these perks because they improve the customer experience and streamline operations.

Advanced Plan:

Companies looking for advanced features may find what they need in the $399/month Advanced Shopify package. It has real-time carrier shipping, third-party shipping prices, staff accounts for up to fifteen people, and advanced report generation. This strategy is an excellent long-term financial commitment for organizations with high-volume sales and advanced logistics needs.

Is there any Transaction Fees of Shopify?

Yes! Shopify adds transaction fees on top of monthly subscription costs for each sale made on their platform. These costs are conditional on the specific package you select:

Basic Shopify Plan: 2.9 percent + $0.30/transaction.

Shopify Plan: 2.6 percent + $0.30/transaction.

Advanced Shopify Plan: 2.4 percent + $0.30/transaction.

However, there is good news, if you utilize Shopify Payments as your payment gateway, you won't have to worry about these transaction costs. This can result in significant savings, particularly for enterprises with a high volume of sales.

AIs there any Additional cost in Shopify Plans?

Yes! the Shopify's primary pricing is made up of subscription and transaction fees, however there are other additional expenses to think about as well:

Additional Apps and Add-ons

There is an extensive selection of helpful additional apps and plugins available in Shopify's app store. Some are paid for, while the vast majority are either free or have a premium option. You might want to get these in order to make the buying experience run smoothly in your store.


To change the look of your online shop, Shopify provides both free and paid themes. Premium themes can range from $100 to $180, but they often come with advanced features and a unique design, potentially giving your brand a competitive edge.

Domain Name

Domain name customization is not exclusive to Shopify, but it does help give your online business a more polished appearance. Domain name registration costs can range from $10 to $20 annually.

Absolutely! Shopify Payments is the best option for reducing your transaction costs. It eliminates the need for your consumers to pay transaction fees and speeds up the checkout process.

There is no limit to the amount of products you may sell with any Shopify subscription. Shopify can accommodate your business no matter how big or tiny it starts out.

Certainly! Shopify makes it simple to change your subscription level as your business grows or shrinks. This adaptability guarantees that you will always meet the needs of your store.


Learning the Shopify pricing structure is crucial before you launch your online store. The price model is adaptable and may be scaled to meet the needs of enterprises of different sizes. Shopify's flexible pricing plans and robust set of features make it possible to launch a successful e-commerce site without breaking the bank. Remember, the investment you make in your online presence today can yield remarkable returns in the future.